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Double Dubs

I love this as the title of your site. Looking forward to reading.


Jim O.

In related news, today's Word of the Day from the infamous M-W online is "nocuous" -- meaning "harmful," clearly.

I'd also like to see "gusted" or "gusting" as in, "Mmm! Those fresh tomatoes were totally gusting!"

Phil A

I know it's 2+ years on, but I hate to tell you but "gruntled" isn't the opposite of being disgruntled.

Gruntle is an extension of "grunt", and thus being gruntled is like complaining - the "dis" at the front is to accentuate it, not to negate it.

It's an old English word form that is no longer used.

So, if you want "Gruntled" employees, you're asking to make them unhappy.

M-W are just putting random words in, ignoring the origins and almost making up their own words.

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