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Christopher Mirabile

It is not necessary to outsource jobs overseas, especially to a different culture, with different cultural norms, in order to achieve the result you seek. And by mentioning a politically sensitive outsourcing location like India, you risk distracting people from one of the main but subtle benefits of outsourcing HR administrivia: getting HR out of the "petty no" business. As long as they are in the business of enforcing silly rules and making hard judgment calls in the name of fairness, and punishing minor infractions and nagging managers for failing to get reviews done on time, they hurt their credibility with the company and its managers and make it even harder to partner on the more strategic stuff. If they could get out of that role, and focus more exclusively on helping managers and senior managers manage talent, they would be viewed in an increasingly serious and value-added light, and the upward spiral of positive engagement would replace the downward spiral of negative engagement.

Jay Shepherd

Christopher's right on the money about the need to get HR out of the "petty no" business — I like the turn of phrase, and will now steal it. As for where to send that business, I had India on my mind because one of our clients recently sent most of their HR responsibilities there. But I agree that local HR-replacement firms are probably the better bet for most employers. Thanks for the post! — Jay

Laura Z.

It is a no brainier if you have the to eliminate the in-house hassle that comes with employee benefits, payroll concerns, worker compensation, and many more. Especially if you can do this as a savings to your business! The trick is then finding a PEO that works well within your system by staying out of the way.

Young HR Manager

When I didn't have near me the right people for a job, and the one I could get would be asking for too much, I had no choice but to outsource. I believe one should only hire in one's country, but sometimes you have to hire abroad if you want to get a better price. In today's world, and especially in jobs that can be done from a distance, outsourcing is normal.
Young HR Manager

Young HR Manager

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