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how refreshing


ok, but how do you defend yourself against false accusations of sexual harassment? That's what I would like to know

Justin Boland

Yeah, I came here searching for the same content. Not to berate you for not writing what I want, just pointing out to you made it to the top page of google off that, so when you're brainstorming future topics..."Defending Against Sexual Harassment Claims" would be a good one.

John wqlter

I agree how about some guidelines or defense for the defendant in a sexual harrassment alegations as i was recently fire over it. What rights do we have?


What makes a serious anti-harassment policy? Would implementation be part of it? Because my workplace certainly doesn't implement theirs - & i asked for the stalker's office to be moved further away from his current central
location or for me to be transferred - leaving me stuck betweent putting up, filing an eeoc claim or pressing charges.

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