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Jim Belshaw

Jay, I think that this says it all, and not just re sexual harassment.
"Policies are fine, but they are no substitute for good management. And good management is the best protection from the potential sexual-harassment lawsuits that can be part of the ugly aftermath of a failed workplace romance."


[Teri posted the following news article by Ryan Justin Fox from the Oct. 9, 2006 Dayton Daily News:]

"Englewood Official's Marriage Becomes Sore Point for Some; Safety Director, Cop Wed; Another Cop's Wife Writes Letter, Gets Spouse Fired."

[Read the article at (registration may be required).]

[Teri adds this postscript:]

"P. S. Morale is so great that three police officers and four dispatchers have resigned in the last 12 months. High turnover for a department with 30 employees."

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