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Firing at Will

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Bryan Price

I would agree that this administration would have been better off just stating that these attorneys were replaced at the pleasure of the President. Too many people outside of the administration have been shooting off their mouths about it, which would still have caused political fallout. Firing somebody who serves at the pleasure will mean no legal consequences, but nothing can prevent political consequences. I've personally seen it happen at the state level. Even firing for cause doesn't prevent that.

The way this administration handled the firings was either political incompetence, still thinking that Congress would be compliant, or both. The more I think about it, strike the part about Congress. They're just incompetent.

Oh, and Tom Cruise is Scientology-loving, not bashing. Which explains why he slams psychiatry. Science-bashing, now that's something that I can claim ignorance on.

Jay Shepherd

Thanks, Bryan, for your comment. It probably was fear of political fallout that motivated the halfhearted explanations. Sometimes you just have to rip the Band-Aid off quickly.

Thanks, too, for catching my gaffe with the Scientology reference. I was too quick to type "bashing." It's fixed now.

— Jay

Evil Hr Lady

Excellent point. One of the things I do is train managers how to lay people off. We instruct them to use the language, "your position has been eliminated." And stick with it!

Jay Shepherd

You're right, E.H.R.L. Better to be seen as "evil" than to be stupid about it. Thanks for the comment. — Jay

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