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Firing at Will

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Ask a Manager

I can't believe this person still has a job. And this person's manager (well, non-manager, apparently) should be fired himself/herself.

Sales guy

Funny - in the sales environment where people earn mostly commissions, I find that a salesman's left arm could be falling off and they will still make the meeting. No excuses. Probably the same would be found with entrepeneurs and business owners, too. My favorite excuse was taking a vacation day to plan for her vacation! Outrageous. Imagine if this (useless) worker's next paycheck was directly related to her efforts and performance...


I have used the following but was truthful in every circumstance. Of course, not in the numbers this person has. However, you shouldn't give a person sick days then tell them not to use them.

-I have a sinus infection
-I need to be present for mold remediation in my apartment
-I had food poisoning
-I have to be home for the cable guy to come and reconnect my cable
-I have to be home for a plumber to fix a leaky pipe

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