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Wally Bock

I'll wait a bit on the iPhone. I think that Apple products are often more than products. They're a theological position and lifestyle choice. The first wave of iPhones went to folks like may Apple-loving friends. In a couple of months or so, I'll check around to see how the non-fans feel about iPhones they've bought.

Scott McArthur

This is so true! I recently suggested to my CEO that we buy all 400 consultants a state of the art iPod. Yes he said - great I thought - good for everyones mood and we can use podcasts to keep everyone up to date and we can all use the iPod to back up our data. Then the voice of doom from our parent company! "If we did that for you we'd have to do it for everyone!".

My response? Great buy all 50,000 one! Result - boring corporate response - no!

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