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Frank Roche

Jay, that is just brilliant. Funny...and it made me reread it several times because I enjoyed it so much. You've written down the Management Universal Truth and are well on your way to the Unifying Theory of Management. Well done!

Ed Poll

Great sense of humor ... and very well put!

Wally Bock

What a marvelous post!! A tour de force if you will. You are indeed an ept blogger!!

And, on a more serious note, what good points. The best research and examples we have tell us that most of the keys to great performance lie in systems and supervisors. In the US, less than 10 percent of training budget is spent on those supervisors and most of that is for administrivia, not teaching them to do their job well.

John H

Gruntled is an old english word originating in the 15th century which roughly meant to make a pig-like noise. It later came to mean a mumbled complaint. 'Dis' was once used as an intensifier rather than to reverse or make the meaning negative as it has come to be used today. So, to be disgruntled is simply to be more gruntled, not to be the opposite of gruntled.

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