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One more thing about the $0.99 cashiers: They may work someplace that will discipline them if their register holdings do not match the receipts. I worked for a retail establishment which would reprimand you for even one cent discrepancy, whether that discrepancy was in their favor or not. It wasn't worth my job to "see the bigger picture."

Shane Eloe

In reply to the previous comment: no minimum wage job is worth sacraficing your worldview for, in that you show you are a 99 cent nazi.

Jay, I like this observation as a very simple way to explain something that has so much power in our organization. There always seems to be tension between the people who want all the details to tie out and the people who understand the whole system will not fall apart based on the classification of a few details.

Amit Bhagria

Resistance to change.

Rosemary Foxcroft, chairwoman of DBM Australia, says managers that are inflexible and unwilling to adapt to new processes and technology will not survive the new era.

Poor cultural fit.

Chris Hart, principal of Hart Consulting, says that one of the main factors in a sacking is when managers cannot fit into a new culture. “Culture is important to the success of a team and a company. So, if someone obviously doesn’t fit in, they have to go.” This explains why many managers get sacked after a merger or acquisition. In any merger, two cultures come together; and usually only the dominant culture survives. Managers that do not adapt to the new culture are let go because they become disruptive and can have an adverse effect on the performance of the new entity.


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