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Bruce Nye


1. Welcome back.
2. BC should fire Coach Jag for even thinking about wanting to coach a team with the aging, failing and futile Brett F.
3. On a more general note, after struggling with this issue for a number of years, we finally realized that how we treat our departing lawyers has an enormous morale effect on the lawyers who stay, with potential for good or ill. In other words, we get a lot more mileage with the remaining folks by publicly acknowledging that we wish the departing employee well, wish he/she were staying, we'll remain friends, etc. than by treating them as non-people. And by analogy, we'll have a more positive morale effect on everybody if somebody who is looking around gets the message that they are valued, we hope they'll stay, but we understand everybody has to put their own interests first and we'll wish them well no matter what.

Bruce Nye

Martin S. Ebel

Without question, Jags should go for taking the interview. It's the JETS for goodness sake (not to mention the loyalty clause in the five-year, multi-million dollar contract he signed)!


When an employer wants to better their bottom line they increase their income or decrease their expenses. When they decrease expenses, employees are usually impacted by those decisions.

I've heard of employers firing someone immediately for interviewing at another company. Why?

Unfortunately, employers react without thinking about the reactions of the exisitng employees. The grapevine is powerful and this creates fear within the workplace.

This is a perfect time for the company to find out why the employee is looking to leave. This information offers insight into how to enhance the workplace to retain the talent.

If the employee is looking to leave, let them go with respect for both the individual and the company.

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