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Firing at Will

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Martin S. Ebel

Interestingly, Mike Petraglia reported in his blog yesterday,, that DiFilippo said the firing was not for cause (implying that he did not breach the contract). Apparently, BC is just so disgusted with Jags that it is willing to continue to pay his base salary for the next three years without getting anything in return.

Two days ago, I opined that Jags should go, relying on a media report that indicated there was a morals clause in the contract and the Jets interview would violate it.

I have reversed position based on Petraglia's report. To answer Jay's question--was it fair and did BC do the right thing? No, probably not (and I too loathe the Jets and went to BC Law). But it wasn't unlawful either (as long as BC pays what is due under the contract).

Wally Bock

Sports figures will continue to "not live up to their contracts" as long as they pay no penalties for it. If coach J had gone to the Jets, his income would have increased most likely and the Jets would have paid any penalties due BC.

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