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Jay, what a great post. I hadn't heard about an idea like writing references on LinkedIn, but you're right; if a company has great employees and has to let them go, taking those seemingly small (but in reality, really significant) steps to communicate that you do care about their well-being and success post-layoffs is huge.

It's a win-win: employees know they are appreciated, and the recommendations will help springboard their next career move, and for employers, it maintains good relations and keeps the lines of communication open for future opportunities (whether at that company or somewhere else). You never know where paths will cross down the road, and layoffs aren't easy on anyone, as you said. There's no reason not to do these things.


What a great says a lot about a manager/company that are willing to think out of the box and help the employees who are impacted by business decisions.

I will definitely share this idea with others.


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