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Frank Roche

Jay, I want to comment more when I have time, but a quick word to say, "Simply brilliant."

Skip Weisman

As someone who works with organizations to create a Championship Culture, this is an outstanding idea and will go a long way to helping create a Champion mindset throughout an organization!

Jason Seiden

And good riddance to the review...

Christopher Mirabile

Is twitter the new workplace haiku? Agree the idea is brilliant in its simplicity, and probably has many unintended positive side effects, like making managers look more hip, getting company cultures to embrace openness and new technologies, making managing more human and frequent and informal. But are there unintended side effects that are less positive? Favoritism? Employee sensitivity? Tweet-mongering? Really don't know. Would make for an interesting discussion or experiment. My hunch going into it would be that benefits outweigh any possible drawbacks....

Derek Irvine, Globoforce

Here here! For me, the greatest problem of the annual performance review is that many use it as an excuse to only give feedback and recognition once a year. That's no use to anyone. If I'm doing a good job on something, tell me now so I can repeat those behaviors. If I'm doing poorly, tell me now so I can correct those behaviors while I still know what you're talking about!

We believe strategic employee recognition is one of the most powerful (and positive) means of performance management and, indeed, appraisal. When deployed correctly (peer-to-peer as well as manager-to-subordinate), recognition becomes a positive and ongoing form of 360 degree performance assessments in which anyone in the organization can comment on the contributions and effectiveness of their teammates. These “recognition assessments” and kudos can then be used during the annual performance review (if still used) as an additional data point on the strengths (John has been recognized repeatedly for innovation) and even weaknesses (but John has been recognized only once for teamwork) as potential areas of improvement.

More on the topic available here:


Having been in HR, I understand the limitations of a yearly performance review system. I've recommended to one company that we eliminate the system entirely. Instead replace it with monthly 1:1s where the manager and employee can evaluate the past performance and plan the next month.

I like the 'wow' factor, whether you use Twitter or some other venue to express and celebrate employee's contributions.

This is a great posting. Thanks

Darice Rene

I most definitely think you're onto something here. Performance reviews are a neccessary evil based on antiquated ideas. Bring on the #twevaluations!!!


Many employees already resent performance reviews. They make the recipients feel like schoolchildren. At least some of those employees are going to perceive twittered Wow’s as a downgrade to kindergarten.

Thomas L. Bowden, Sr.

At my firm, we have "Woo Hoos!"

chrispinus Sifuna

"We want to be fair and accurate, but we don’t want to sound like a machines. And for some reason, criticisms seem worse in writing than when spoken." Very informative

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