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Andrea Cannavina

Two observations:

* Etiquette never goes out of style; and

* Polite people are polite people no matter which phone is in their pocket!

kim tairi

The top exec in my area leads by example. He uses his smartphone in meetings and we follow! Others bring laptops... it comes down to the same principles you have mentioned before respect and good manners.

Natasha Kurtz

I completely agree with Andrea; however, much of courtesy is dictated by the culture. People generally are followers, and if someone else is "getting away with it" without reprimand, then most others will follow suit.

I think a policy of "use your best judgment" is most appropriate, because sometimes people are really doing work or may need to be reachable by clients, colleagues or direct reports. However, the policy should also state that employees are responsible for the material discussed in the meetings they are required to attend, particularly trainings and HR-related functions.

Francis / 2Time blog

I agree with all that's said here, but I think that this is much more than an issue of respect and manners, and instead it's a matter of productivity, which can easily be monetized.

To illustrate, companies know how to discipline an employee who is five minutes late each day, but have no idea what to do with an executive who spends the entire board meeting texting someone outside the room.

Guess which one is more costly?

This is one reason I recently launched a smartphone survey - that's open thru July 28th. After then, I'll publish the results.

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