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Chanty Lang-Vermaas

This is such a great read! It would seem in our day & age with all this technology around that doing the decent thing has become the most frightful tasks of all. We're fast declining on the interpersonal people skills & making excuses, by saying such ridiculous things, such as, "It was not ideal from our perspective but we were trying to get the information out as soon as possible. We did not want to take the chance of them hearing first from someone else" Well they did hear it from someone else.....they heard it from the 'HR' dept' & not the Boss, now meaning 'Bloody Over Sensibility & Security'!! Get some back bone and be polite!

Marie Adams

Yes, phones and emails have made our lives somewhat easier, but that doesn't mean you can hide behind them when times get tough. "Be a person. And fire in person." - one of the best lines I've read lately.


So in this brave new world of virtual workers... Ok.. not so new for me, I've been able to work from home for a large consulting firm for most of the last 7.5 years. During that time I've been laid off twice -by phone. The first time was not very professional, the second time was just last Friday.

If your daily interaction with your colleagues 800-2200 miles away is by phone, email and IM... and the company frowns on travel expenses ... layoff by phone is the way. In this case 3 of the 4 of us laid off were "remote" workers.

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