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Philip Miles

As one of the legal dorks who uses words like "disparate" I'd like to point out that the law sometimes requires special treatment. Specifically, I'm thinking of the ADA mandate to provide "reasonable accomodations" to those with disabilities.

Frank Roche

It's so funny, my business partner were talking about a similar thing when it comes to raising kids. She has twins -- a boy and a girl -- and says she has conversations with the girl all the time because she expects more from her. At age 10, she's more mature and has more responsibilities. She also gets more benefits. And all of that is okay.

I really like what you say: Don't disgruntle one employee just because other employees might not get the same treatment. So true.

And I'm laughing about "disparity" and going to law school to learn big words. LOL.

michelle @ tanenbaum

@philip, ditto for religion. we hear from too many orgs with employees who are concerned about the special treatment co-workers with religious needs receive, where special treatment really = title vii-mandated accommodation.

(caveat: yes, there are some religious needs that can't be accommodated without burdening the company. but that doesn't make a reasonable accommodation "special treatment.")

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