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Japanese Mac v. PC ads feature two skinny Japanese actors. Is Apple discriminating against fat people? Against hippies?

I don't think we object to Microsoft's Polish web site on the basis of their choosing to use a demographically-aligned racial composition. We object to the crudeness in their modifying the image. The lesson here isn't "You gotta have black people in all of your images, or else." The lesson is that these adjustments must be made with sensitivity. If they had shot an entirely new image with all different models, the problem goes away in a snap.

P.S. When did Apple get an exclusive license on the color white? Just because a laptop is white doesn't mean it's an Apple.

HR Guy

Microsoft did release a statement spewing nonsense about diversity and inclusion but didn't actually justify their decision, probably because there simply is no justification... good luck getting out of that one!

Thomas L. Bowden, Sr.

Not even a very good Photoshop job either!

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