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Happy Birthday, Jay! Great peice. Birthday hugs, Laurie

Frank Roche

Happy birthday, Jay. I hope you're out enjoying a birthday drink right now. Cheers!

Towner Blackstock

Happy Birthday! I will, however, refrain from giving you a birthday hug.


Happy birthday! Hope 42 brings you all kinds of happiness!

Justin Keith

Happy birthday! Great post, as usual.

Steve Meyer

Great piece and a great point. Everyone wants that personal contact and to be recognized as special. Happy birthday(belated)on to both you and to Gruntled Employees.

Karla Porter

I wouldn't want to work in a Leninesque environment that doesn't gruntle its people and make them feel special. Your message is simple yet poignant and easy for busy managers to be clueless about. It's important for nudges like you to be out there:-)

Matt Buttell

Great post. You're so right about celebrating birthdays. Where I work there's a sort of unwritten rule that everyone gets a cake and a card bought for them on their birthday. We're not a massive company, everyone knows everyone else, but with 70 people on my floor, every couple of days or so we seem to be celebrating some one else's birthday... and somehow, a little slice of cake, a cheer and a rendition of Happy Birthday seems to help make the afternoons go a little quicker. Oh - and happy birthday to you too.


Good post ... but what do you do when you're the one who remembers everyone else's birthdays, but then when yours rolls around, nothing happens?

Jay Shepherd

Personally, I die a little more inside. But seriously, the two ways to avoid that are (1) not be shy about telling people it's your birthday (like my mother said), and (2) have a system in place that calendars people's birthdays. I agree with your point: it's no fun to have yours forgotten.

Thanks for sharing!

— Jay


one of my new fav sites of 2010 - I's early right!? Would love to cross post if you are game.

keep up the good work!


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