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Christopher Mirabile

Great post. Corollary may be "give me more freedom and fewer rewards and I will be more creative" - Talk of the Nation had an interesting story on this yesterday ( which NPR summarizes as follows: "Managers have long assumed employees will work harder for fiscal rewards. In Drive, Daniel Pink argues that people will do more if they are given the opportunity to work on their own time, to be creative, and to do good."

Paul Smith

Welcome back. Great post.
I am amazed by the stories of how people are still treated with disrespect at work. It just seems like at some point in time it will end. I wonder when.

Jay Shepherd

Thanks, Paul. I agree with you. Common sense is too uncommon.

And thanks, too, for the retweet. I appreciate it.

— Jay

Joni E. Johnston, Psy.D.

I wish employers would deal more proactively with respect in the workplace. I'm amazed oftentimes how, when it comes to mean, nasty, or insensitive behavior, the focus seems to be on whether or not it's illegal versus the potential impact on employee morale, turnover, and satisfaction. This isn't even mentioned the potential revenge fantasies (or actions) it stirs up in employees.

Scott McArthur

Hiya and good to see you back on the blog! This article from the HBR suggests that progress = gruntled

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