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Jay Shepherd

See Jill Pugh's Employment Law Blog post for two more ways to guarantee a noncompete lawsuit. Nice work, Jill.

Phil Neujahr


Some great tips here. I love the one about emailing yourself. This has saved me on at least two separate occasions.


What if you are an honest employee that had been working for a company for a number of years and had no intentions of leaving along with working very hard to help build the company up. Then a competitor merges with this company. Decreases the selected persons pay drastically along with other finacial loses. Tells only selected persons in the company they have to sign a non compete or lose their jobs to prove their loyalty to them. Then after signing the non compete (who know what it really says, it seems to go in circles)to keep their jobs are fired by with the last statement saying if non compete breeched in anyway (like working in the USA)that legal action would be taken swiftly at the cost of the former employee that is in jeperdy now of losing everything (house,cars credit,etc..) due to inability to find a job in their field from restraints of the non compete. We can not afford to take this to court, nor do we know which state it would go to court in. The contract written by the laws of one state and we reside in another state.
There are still good people out there trying to earn a honest living and believe that is what you are supposed to do. As always there are also two sides to every story.
I do agree that both parties should be careful and protected. I agree there are dishonest people out there on both sides that would be down and dirty. However, there are those of us that practice good moral standards believing what goes around comes around > If you are good to people they will be good to you.
I however am losing faith in HUMANITY, where has it gone?
It should be about right verses wrong.
I apologize for venting, You seem to be a very well rounded indiviual with alot of accomplishments. I am proud for you.
I try to remember that dealing with people what happens not only affects that person but has a domino effect on every person that is connected to that person. So Again I apologize if I offended you in anyway.

Wise Step

Huh! never knew that there are these many issues involved while shifting jobs. Your post helped me to take some really wise decisions in the future. Thanks for this great post !

G. R. Chambers

Wow, great post. I'm curious. I'm a computer technician. Repair. I am being asked to sign a NC agreement after being with the company for 4 years. Another employee told me they heard the owner say that I am the only tech they ever had that they feared competing against. They said if I want to remain employed it better be signed by weeks end. Any recourse?

Denzil Dwelle

I recently left a company with a 'no raiding' clause. One of my former employees at this company applied and was hired for a job under a different manager in my new company. The companies are not in the same industry, and our jobs are not sales or R&D. The former company is now threatening to sue me. Was it my responsibility to keep my former employee from applying to the new company, since I didn't reach out and recruit the employee.

If facts are true it doesn't seem they have a case. I would believe your former company has some evidence of what they would sue you for if not why would they risk a counter lawsuite?

So, what are you basically stating the employees haveas rights with their uncompensated non-compete agreements?


what if you signed a non-compete with a company, and your friend starts the same type of company can you work for them. And what do you do if your old clients want to follow you.


Due to their displeasure in old companies performance customer of old company had already reached out to new company (before employee went into negotiations with new company) as there are only a handful of companies in the area capable of servicing them. Employee now working for new company and naturally asked to assist on projects due to pleasurable working relationship with customer. Non-Compete violation?

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