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Jay, This is a great story and most employers would react the same way but you must know that a pro ball club is a lot different than a factory. In an organization with lots of hourly non-exempt employees, policies for time off can be difficult. Any manager knows that you have to be fair and consistent and sometimes that doesn't appear compassionate. There are some employees who will go out of their way to abuse any time off policy every chance they get and managers have to be careful on how these policies are applied. Even the most compassionate manager can look like the bad guy when trying to be fair. Maybe a profitable ball club can afford to give time off to one of their training professionals. Would they do the same to a low paid office clerk? I can tell you that many smaller companies that are barely breaking even simply cannot afford to be very generous with time off.

Jay Shepherd

Thanks for sharing, Jim. Your concerns are very common, and completely understandable. But as a small employer myself, I believe I can't afford not to be generous about time off. It's simply a question of doing what's right. Make your rules with the good employees in mind, not the bad ones. You'll find a way to 86 the bad ones.

Thanks again! — Jay

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