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Rhett Grant

I am an ex-con and I will continue to be truthful during any interview process even if results in not receiving a job offer. I come from the old school that a person should never lie. Yes, I made a mistake and I paid my debt to society. I lost a $100,000/year professional job. In reality, I know that I will never recover or even come close to that salary again. However, I am at peace with myself and I am a much better citizen now. I do not support this new law at all. It is the lubricant for ex-cons to continue to lie about their situations. Employers should hire potential candidates on their qualifications period.


i seriously doubht your an ex con... just someone who doesnt agree with this new law. I think its a great law. This law will keep alot of people from commiting more crimes. To ban someone from getting a job for life should be a crime itself.


I agree with Bob, I have a felony on my record. It was over 6 years ago, I made a mistake, I accept it. I am not looking for a job in a market that is bad for anybody unemployed. I am a good hard worker who was laid of from his last job because of the slow market. I have gone on several interview, 2 of which with bigger companies who checked my work experience and said I was qualifitied for the job. Did all the testing and passed. Last thing they did was run my background, which I told them about on my app. and explained what happened inperson and was told it was no problem. Only to get a call or a letter saying I wasn't being hired. Just my opinion, unless whatever crime you commited forces you to not work in a certain area,(child abuse should not apply to be a teacher) they should not be any question if you have a felony period, in any state.

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