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Bret Simmons

I think Smisek is full of crap, and you can tell just by watching his employees perform that they think the same thing. I blogged about it yesterday.

Phil N

I am pumped to see how this one turns out. Do you have any views of the early results from your recent flights?

Chase Hume

The fact of the matter the majority of workers want to do their job well. Unfortunately a good portion of the time they are thwarted by policies that have not been explained to them in a way that makes sense to them. And what's worse policies often collide and seemingly contradict one another. It may not in the eyes of the manager or executive, but they are not the one's implementing. If it doesn't make sense in the head and the hands of those on the ground they'll become frustrated, confused, start to operate in a way that protects themselves rather than serves their customers.

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